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The below is a guide to a better experience in our club


  • “No means no.” Do not be offended if you are not right for everyone. Don't take it personally.

  • Everyone has the right to stop play even if already started. 

  • Honour any rules you set with your partner prior to visiting Eden.

  • Respect guidelines you set with your partner and respect the guidelines of others.

  • Be safe - You know it makes sense.

  • We are pleased if you have a drink, as it can help relax, to party and enjoy but not do excess


  • Speak and socialise with couples even if not the same language (try). Especially if they come to the males area.

  • A smile goes a long way.

  • Don't pester couples that are not showing interest

  • Don't be annoyed if not playing on every occasion.

  • Be safe - You know it makes sense.