PDI - GC 101 - A Swingers Guide to Fun Island in 2022 (Revision 6: September 22)dunes

Playa del Inglés or PDI as we all know and love is pretty much the swinging capital of Europe, and perhaps the world, where an abundance of swinging venues are available to visit in close proximity. It’s the swinging pilgrimage that all swingers should do at least once in their lives. Though more than likely, you’ll catch the bug and attend many times, sometimes 2, 3, 4 or more times a year as some do.

That said, PDI is not a swinging resort, it is a holiday resort but a holiday resort that is very liberal and tolerant. So whilst for this reason it is popular with the swinging and LGBTQ2S+ communities, it is also frequented by families and vanillas.

This is a post intended to share our views (from a couples perspective) on the swinging clubs/bars we attended in April/May/June 22.

We’ve posted previous guides since 2015, but felt the need for a refresh given the landscape has changed post pandemic, hence welcome to revision four.

Whilst trying to remain objective, please appreciate that there will be some subjective views. Like everyone, we do have our preferences and of course, any given day at any given venue, the experience and vibe can be different. But with an abundance of venues, there is definitely something there for everyone and good times ahead.

We will not talk negative about any of the swinging clubs. As mentioned, we do have our favourites and like many of the PDI regulars, we do know most of the owners/staff and will support their businesses. We encourage you to go and visit them all and see which is your favourite.

We’ve also included some additional information around PDI to get you started.

The list of contents:
• Swinging Clubs
• Swinging Pubs/Bars/Meeting Points/Other
• Hotels/Resorts
• Flights
• Transfers
• Places to Eat/Drink
• Sex Shops
• What3words (Swinging locations)
• Currency and Exchange
• Duty Free Allowance
• Useful Apps
• Covid




2x2 - CC La Sandia (Located East Side, below ground level)


Typically we would visit on Monday nights, but unfortunately the club was closed.

From previous visits, it is no charge, nicely done out open bar area with friendly staff.

Second section play area including a car to play in.

A nice add-on is that they have an outside smoking area, very unique as most clubs smoke inside.

Past visits have suggested that it can get a bit full on with single men on other nights. So if you are looking or not looking for single men, this is worth considering. (Review November 2017)

We met the owners in Eden and learned that currently they are open Wednesday to Sunday from 22:00. As such we did manage to visit in June and can say the look and feel is still the same. They do have a masseuse that comes in and can offer a massage from €30.

2x2 by Pam is the fab profile, which isn’t frequently used.

Secret - CC Cita (Basement)cita.jpg

From the Leaning Tower of Pisa side (East Side - Av. de Alamania), the first club on the right when heading to the basement.

Over 900m2 of club, probably the biggest club and very nicely kitted out.

Staff are friendly and OCD, which is great in a club as you know it is going to be clean and hygienic. The team go out their way to welcome you and we have nothing but positive words to share about this club.

Secret was renovated in the summer of 2019 and looks very swank. A couple of vip areas and a separation of couples play (the left side), including the hot tub (lockers available at €5) and singles/couples to the right. You now pay at the door and for couples a €20 entry will also include a couple of drinks, or €30 entry and 4 drinks. You will be given vouchers and once you’ve had your four drinks, you then pay at the bar for further drinks (average €8 for a branded spirit & mixer or a cocktail).

There is a smoking area inside to the left of the club entrance by the male toilets, but as a large club it isn't as noticeable as smaller venues.

Subjectively, this is hands down our favourite club. We love the owners and our lovely friend behind the bar. They even arranged a party on my birthday!

Putting this to one side, we think the atmosphere at Secret is a young vibe. The staff behind the bar are warm, friendly and mischievous. Plenty of banter between them and also with guests. The music is predominantly Latin beats and typically current. With Latin music hitting our mainstream, it’s music you can feel familiar with.

The weekends are typically busier and have a European mix as well as lots of locals.

They accept cash/card at the door as well as the bar.

Fun4All - CC Cita (Basement)

Next door to Secret.

Again a mixed venue and minimum €10 couple spend.

A smaller environment than Secret but with a long narrow bar and plenty of seating, it makes Fun very friendly and social.

There are playrooms available and showers for those that want to play, and a small but cosy dance floor with three poles, which can get busy especially at weekends and be quite fun and flirty.

Plenty of couples and we have found the mix is typically British, Irish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German and Dutch.

There is a inside smoking area and although it’s not too far from the main area, it doesn’t affect the rest of the club.

They provide a wristband with number for a tab, though you can pay as you consume, otherwise you pay your tab at the end with cash or card.

Temptation Swingers Club - CC Cita (Basement)


Head down into the basement, walk straight past Secret, Fun, Klamotte and the cinema and make your way to the end, on the right is Temptation.

A new club to the basement that opened late in 2021. Free entry for couples and a lot smaller than Secret and Fun, but this cosy little bar is definitely one to visit. Staff are friendly, warm and welcoming.

You enter the club and you’re pretty much in the heart of the club with sofas and tables.

The toilets are to the left behind the bar and are pretty cool if you look up at the ceiling. The infinity ceiling is interesting and is like a New York skyscraper.

Past the main area, there is a small cinema area and there are a number of rooms giving plenty of options to play. With the size of the club, the play areas are more than adequate so should you want a quieter club in the Cita to drink and play, then Temptation would be a good choice.

temptationpaar is the fab profile for additional information.

Lux Club - Swinging Bar - CC Cita (Basement)

Head past Secret and Fun4All, straight past the sex cinema and turn left towards the bottom where Temptation is situated. Halfway on the left hand side is Lux (previously the club was Patricia’s Swing Inn).

Opened late in 2021 and like most clubs in PDI, it’s kitted out lovely with nice ambient decor.

A small club with a couple of seated areas, a couple of poles and a few playrooms. This club is again ideal if you want a more quieter, intimate environment to meet a couple or two with sufficient play areas for size.

Not too sure on entry costs as we went during a crawl and bought a load of drinks, but looking at other sites suggest that it’s a €20 entry fee or spend. Please clarify with them on entry, as the owner speaks good English.

One nice addition in Lux is the piano, which is unique. What’s even better is Gogy, the owner is magical on it. If you’re fortunate, or maybe even ask him, to get him to play on the ivories, then you’ll be impressed.

Lemur Swinging Club - CC Cita (Basement)

Head past Secret and Fun4All, straight past the sex cinema and turn left towards the bottom where Temptation is situated. Walk straight to the end past Lux and turn right. Walk straight ahead and you will see Full Swap on the left. Right at the end on the left is Lemur.

However, the quickest way is to head to the basement from the Eiffel Tower side (South Side - Avenida de Francia ///balancing.pineapples.curates). Down the stairs, you will see Full Swap to the left. Once down, immediately turn left and follow the corridor to the end. By the gates, the last unit on the left is Lemur.

Opened July 2022 is a new luxury club called Lemur. It is another welcomed addition to the club scene in the Cita.

The club is a follow on point for those who attend Before Meeting Point upstairs with a means to continue to the club. As such, there’ll be an incentive for loyal customers who start in Before to continue to Lemur. Which will include a VIP loyalty scheme.

Entry to the club is free for VIP couples, and €20 for paying couples. However, this includes 2 drinks. Single males it is €25 and includes 1 drink.

The club is open Tuesday to Sunday from 22:00.

Tantra Sauna Club - CC Cita (Basement)

Head past Secret and Fun4All, straight past the sex cinema and turn left towards the bottom where Temptation is situated. Walk straight to the end past Lux and turn right. Walk straight ahead and you will see Full Swap on the left. On the right is Tantra.

However, the quickest way is to head to the basement from the Eiffel Tower side (South Side - Avenida de Francia). Straight down the steps and it’s in front of you.

Opened August 2022 is a new sauna club called Tantra. It is another welcomed addition to the club scene in the Cita.

A sauna club which is owned by a reputable club owner in PDI.

Entry to the club is €25 or €35 for couples, which includes 2 or 4 drinks, men is €50 with 2 drinks and females €10 with 1 drink. Also included is towel and slippers. Once inside, you’re expected to strip down to underwear or towel.

The club is very swanky in decor, and downstairs (yes the basement has a downstairs) is the jacuzzi, wet area and play rooms.

It’s open every day from 16:00 until 02:00, with Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays being couples only.

Eden - CC Nilo (previously Eternity, the venue opened with new owners and as a new club called Eden in 2021.)nilo

Where most clubs are situated in the Cita and Sandia which is only 400 metres away, the Nilo centre is in the North part of PDI.

Along with the new owners and new name, the venue had a refurb and is definitely better for it. We loved Jose and Eternity, but the club was a bit tired looking, so very much needed.

Injected with love, the club is spacious (over 450m2 in fact) with lots of personal touches to make it feel warm, welcoming and relaxing in a good way. New TVs with modern porn playing in high definition supports the modern feel to the club. The dance area is now more spacious so on busy nights it will cope a lot better than previous, whilst still giving plenty of seating area. The pole has gone, but there’s a cool cage area to dance and when coupled with the lasers, it makes for a sexy scene.

Behind the rainbow is the play area and there really is a lot of open space and lockable rooms to get down and dirty. There’s also a hot tub.

Unlike most other clubs, Eden do cater for couple only nights, which is a Monday at the time of writing (typically most clubs we have attended and know of in Europe are mixed), but equally don’t prejudice against single men and do have nights that also cater for them. Couples looking for a single male, I would be confident in saying that the club has good management of it’s guests, so should be a good experience you’re in control of. Gentlemen’s night is Tuesday and Friday. They also have a bisexual night on Thursday and party night on Saturday.

I believe closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

Eden_GC is very active in the forum, so keep an eye on a dedicated thread to keep you updated with club news and events. The thread is usually titled Eden_GC followed by a number in the Spain forum.

So whilst the swinging heartbeat is in the Cita, do not let this deter you from visiting Eden. A €4/4.50 cab from the Cita, or a 15 minute walk from the Yumbo and over the bridge from the Jardin del Sol passage will get you there.

Moonlight Dream - CC Nilo

Next door to Eden and has been open since circa 2017.

Past visits we’d assume that quite a few German Swingers reside close to the Nilo, as we’ve met quite a few in this area.

The owners are warm and friendly and speak a number of languages.

The club is fresh, clean and a nice seated area in and around the bar, with a small area at the end which I believe is a smoking area. Through the doors you have the toilets and changing room, which are very clean and thereafter you can strip down and enter the play area.

The play area is very unique and they have around 5 swinging summer huts with beds and condoms provided. Some lockable.

Like Eden, Moonlight Dream host Couples nights, which at the time of writing are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Gig all night on Thursday and a mixed party night on Saturday. All from 21:00. Monday and Tuesday they are closed.

Moonlightdream couple have a profile and occasionally post in the forums.


Pubs/Bars/Meeting Points/Other


Kiosk 6 - Nudist Beach Maspalomas (previously Kiosk 4) [Currently CLOSED as of June 2022]

Situated on the south side. Walk through the archway of the Riu Palace hotel then follow the path through the dunes for about 15 minutes and you will see a kiosk with a rainbow flag. This is the gay nudist beach and to the right of this is the "swinging" nudist beach and kiosk 6.

Whilst the kiosk is closed, there are people walking along the beach selling drinks, and the sun beds are out and available to hire. The area is usually busy with nudists/naturists and swingers alike and a good vibe and plenty of socialising with people of all nations.

Since the pandemic and lockdown, the dunes have naturally restored their beauty and the intention is to keep it this way. We understand that there are people that still play, but do this at your own risk as there are rangers patrolling the area and will issues considerable fines for not respecting the boundaries and keeping to the walkways.

Comeback Bar - CC Cita (Top floor)

From the Leaning Tower of Pisa entrance of the Cita, head up the stairs where you will see Mach Bar, walk straight ahead and you will arrive at Comeback.

From the days where we felt it was a bit small and ugly, this bar has gone from strength to strength since the change of ownership.

A refurb and a spruce up made the Comeback very welcoming and it is frequented by swingers of all nations, given the bar a very international/European vibe.

Last October, this was the place to meet in the Cita, and the bar was heaving and spilling out into the aisles with tables.

As such, the owners have expanded Comeback and it’s gone XXL, which has really transformed the bar. The opposite space is now taken up by Comeback and kitted out lovely with plenty of seating. At the time of writing, it isn’t finished just yet, there’s an extra area being worked on which will give Comeback another dimension.

The owners also have some great staff working there who work hard to keep you topped up with drinks, all with a smile. You’ll be given a wristband and pay your tab at the end. Take your wristband to Fun4All downstairs and you’ll receive a free shot.

They also have a profile in fab Comeback Bar Couple.

Before SMP - CC Cita (Top floor)

Opened June 2021 and located on the top floor of the Cita Center. Best way to find Imagine Bar is to come in from Av. de Alamania (Leaning Tower entrance) and go straight up the stairs (stairs going down are to the swinging clubs). You’ll see Mach bar in front of you. Immediately turn left, past Marco Polo and Carlos V, then turn right. Keep walking and it’s on your left.

The owners are friendly, warm and welcoming and speak many languages. Bar is well stocked with some great premium drinks and have very interesting pearl shots, which should be experienced.

The vibe is laid back, and a great venue to be able to sit and chat. As it’s situated in a more remote area of the Cita, you can feel comfortable that there aren’t many vanillas passing by.

Before Sw.M.P. are also active in the Spain forum and have a regular thread starting with “Before…” Swinger Meeting Point in CITA followed by a number.

Black Bulldog - CC Cita (Top floor)

Opened in 2021 and located on the top floor of the Cita Center. Best way to find the Black Bulldog is to come in from Av. de Alamania (Leaning Tower entrance) and go straight up the stairs (stairs going down are to the swinging clubs). You’ll see Mach bar in front of you. Immediately turn right and walk to the end where you will come to Heikes (a Borussia Dortmund bar). Turn left and the Black Bulldog is about two/three bars on the left.

The bar opens around 21:00 (closed on Wednesdays) and the first thing to really say is although this bar had an expansion late last year (the smoking area) due to demand, the demand is still very high and they do have a doorman to help manage this.

Of course, when busy and you can’t get in, this leads to disappointment, so either arrive early, reserve a table the night before, or pop back and see if the capacity has dropped.

Once in (I say in, it is an open faced bar), then it has lovely decor, stylish rather than bling and stands out in black and gold. But whilst predominantly black, it has been furnished lovely and clever lighting makes it feel bright and welcoming, rather than dark and dull.

Couple this with a wonderful warm service. The staff worked hard with smiles on their faces to keep you topped up with your favourite tipple.

They have a great range of drinks, including premium drinks like Grey Goose and Ron Zacapa 23YO and all at good prices.

Klamotte Swing Inn - CC Cita (Basement)

Down the steps, past Secret and Fun4All and you’ll see Klamotte situated on the right hand side. If you reach the sex cinema, then you’re eyes must have been closed and you need to walk back (or pop to the cinema - haha).

Klamotte is another meeting point and predominantly a German bar. Nevertheless, it’s a great little place. Rather rugged and traditional but super friendly and welcoming.

It’s been known that the bar does overlook the odd bit of play that sometimes materialises in the toilets for those who can’t wait for a club. But doesn’t have a dedicated area.

A good solid meeting point with music for those who want something a bit more traditional in look and feel, making it quite different to the other bars.

Hot Scandal Sex Cinema - CC Cita (Basement)

This is one place that’s open during the day and opens at 13:00 until 1:00 and welcomes all - Straight, Bi, Gay.

A day pass is €15 for couples and includes 2 drinks (€10 and one drink for single males, I believe). Drinks are very reasonably priced here.

There are two areas to the cinema, one plays your typical porn and then a second lounge area where they play gay movies, then a central bar for both areas.

There is also a darkroom and they have a naked theme on Mondays and Saturdays, and underwear on Thursdays.

2x2 Meeting Point - CC La Sandia (Located East Side, below ground level) (Previously Bude 4)

Again a new venue on the PDI swinging landscape and the first thing I recommend is to make sure you have cash available, as when we attended in May 22, they weren’t taking card payments. The nearest ATM is on the West Side of Sandia next to the HiperDino supermarket and you will be charged €5 commission from this machine.

Anyone who previously visited this venue, will know it is a small, chic looking bar and with the revamp, this is no different. A dance floor, a pole, an open area and one playroom.

Still immaculate, friendly staff and relaxing. Very accommodating that we had an impromptu karaoke in our June visit.

When we attended, they did have some tables reserved, so obviously an option.

They occasionally have a strip/live sex night, and we attended on this night though never watched the show. It was getting busy by the time we left, so assume that this show was part of the reason, so if you’re interested in watching, it may be worth to get their early (oh and don’t forget your cash!).

Opens every day from 20:00hrs.

I also have to give a special commendation to T the owner. Our friend played there in the night and we had a drink to say goodbye and they were about to leave. Coincidentally, T message me that he had found a bag with shoes and souvenirs and asked if I knew who they belonged to. Within minutes of messaging and within minutes of them leaving, T personally came round to drop her items. I think this speaks volumes for the character he is.

2x2 Meetingpoint has a fab profile for any information.

Sweet Moments - CC La Sandia (Located in the middle of the Sandia between West and East Side, ground level)

If you’re heading in from the West Side and have HiperDino to your left, walk straight through the Sandia where the sign “Shopping Center La Sandia” is situated and going through the aisle, you will start to pass some bars. Sweet Moments is on the left. Walking straight ahead will eventually get you to the East Side and where 2x2 and 2x2 MP is (albeit below ground).

Sweet Moments is a small bar. We didn’t see any play areas but it is packed and typically the market is predominantly German. Nevertheless, we were made to feel very welcome by staff and guests.

A very warm bar, a hidden gem quite often overlooked but nevertheless a fun one. It is quite loud with music and can be a bit smoky by the bar area, but definitely a place to visit and tick off the fun island list.

Studio 69 - Yumbo Centrum

Opened in 2021 and situated in it’s own corner of the Yumbo. The easiest way to find it is it’s on the first floor (or middle of you prefer) behind Sparkles. Not the Burger King/Mini Golf corner, but the other corner (There is a video on a social media platform giving walk through directions).

Now this is known as the naughty fun bar and for the regulars, you will know the owners from the old Imagine Bar in the Cita.

However, they have re-Imagined themselves to offer something slightly different to all the other swinging venues out there.

As many like to have a drink or something to eat in and around the Yumbo, they have given the community the first swinging venue in the Yumbo. Secondly, whilst they are still a swinging bar, they’ve also stayed true to the flamboyant vibe of the Yumbo (which is the hub for the LGBTQ2S+ community).

The naughty fun bar welcomes everyone and has a nice, bright, colourful interior with ample seating around tables and stools. There’s a nice seating area intelligently positioned in front of the pole for those who want to entertain. Finally, there’s a small play area with a bed should the horn take over.

Equally exciting about Studio 69 is the outside. They have a bar with a seating area and when the shops closed, the bar is wheeled out to make a large sitting area for people to socialise and enjoy.

They have a weekly drag artist. So if you see a night with Miss Ash then definitely worth popping down to watch and enjoy the entertainment.

Unlike Sparkles and Ricky’s where they have a number of acts, Miss Ash does bring a uniqueness to their show. They’ll start by going round having a chat and an introduction, before embarking on a show of song, dance, jokes and games. Granted it can be a bit like 80s holiday camp entertainment, but nothing wrong with a bit of retro and this does make to be a good ice breaker for people holidaying solo or couples a bit shy and needing a bit of support to meet people.

Studio 69 has a good collection of branded drinks, especially Gin and Rum, and make some great cocktails.

studio 69 couple are active in the forum and keep you up to date with news and events.

La Suite - Yumbo Centrum

Opened in 2022 and situated on the middle floor, main Yumbo entrance side. Walk down the stairs, past the shops and will be on the left (behind English Bakery).

As it’s a new venue, there’s not too much to say about this place just yet and whether it’s a swingers bar, or just swinger friendly.

What is currently known is that it’s a very affable French chap who runs it and predominantly targeting French guests (swingers?) but of course open for other nations. It’s a classy bar with reasonable drink prices. Though small that it shares resources with Barack.

Sadly, we went past every day during our visit in June and it was closed. We learned from local contacts that it was closed the week before too.

Hopefully more information will be available in the weeks to come.




Venus Star Resort ///meriting.fluent.thermostats

Not to be confused with Venus Resort, this is a new bigger site in a different location and a dedicated complex for swingers. Only couples and females are allowed to stay/visit.

I understand the minimum stay is 4 nights, though calling direct you can book to stay for 3 nights in the bungalows.

I believe at the time of writing, day passes are available at €35. Non guests are also welcomed to join them for their BBQ, again I believe on Tuesdays and Saturdays, circa €85.

Other adult only places that are popular with swingers are:
• La Mirage Swingers Complex (Maspalomas) ///renounced.lewdly.swaddling
• Gold by Marina (Close to Sandia/Cita) ///shrugs.squishiest.cavalier
• Playa del Sol (Yumbo) ///bruisers.tipping.hesitant
There are other Adult only hotels, but this is probably the top four.

Although not an adult hotel, Abora Caterina (///tribunes.barrage.feasted) is also a hotel popular for swingers as it is in walking distance from the Cita.

The closest hotel to the Cita is the Rey Carlos (///exclusively.twist.unbuilt). Rooms are a bit more dated here, but they do have a number of recently renovated modern rooms, if you book a superior room.

A number of the Fab PDI family regularly post in the forum a monthly list for people going to fun island, which also gives people the opportunity to add where they are staying as well as dates, so definitely worth checking other posts for this and recommendations (though we encourage you to view and only post when you have confirmed a date and venue. Use other or create a post if you want to discuss recommendations)

Hotels: Personally, we would always recommend somewhere in and around the Yumbo Center, as it’s central to everywhere you would want to go. The beach is about a 15 minute walk, so if you prefer to be on the beach, then you may want to look for a different hotel. But if being in the centre of everything is more for you and you want somewhere clean, cheap and cheerful, then Playa del Sol, eo Las Gacelas (///discos.presumption.fluctuates), and Mur Hotels Buenos Aires (///streetlight.minibus.intense) are all decent. A bus from the airport will take you outside the Yumbo for €3.50.




Of course, there are packages you can book with companies such as Jet2Holidays, TUI, First Choice and On the Beach

But for those who want to book hotels separately, then a starting point for flights out would be to use Ryanair, Jet2 or easyJet.

From the Midlands, it’s a circa 4 hour flight so whilst not the most comfortable seats, you can pick up some cheap flights with Ryanair and for four hours, I think they are tolerable.

Of course, there are other companies/airlines that fly out, and apps that will scan the network, such as Skyscanner, eDreams and Jetcost, but the above gives you a starting point.




From the airport to PDI, it is roughly 30/40 minutes and a number of possible ways to get there from transfers/taxis/bus/car hire.

We used to get a hotel transfer from Plus Group via Ryanair when booking a flight. This was always a great service to your hotel doorstep. It’s currently (May 22) £14.84 return if staying in PDI/Maspalomas/Meloneras.

Other transfer companies which Fabsters have recommended/use are
• Sun Transfers
• Zip Transfers
• Viva Transfers
• Hoppa

Car hire has gone up considerably post pandemic which was previously stupidly cheap. Still reasonable in price and a number of companies do car hire, such as CiCar. There have been a few negative experiences with fuel costs and hidden costs so do some current homework.

• Autoreisen
• Orlando Rent a Car
• GoldCar
• CiCar
• Doyouspain

To date, the pick of the bunch is Autoreisen who have been very reliable for most people and provide a good all round service.

A good tip is to take a look at Questor Insurance as part of your car hire. They do something called Vehicle Hire Insurance, which helps with the hidden costs.

Other ways of getting to PDI is a taxi, which is circa €40-€50 or to jump on a bus.

From the airport (///lunchbox.withdrawals.clothing), the two buses that you need to look out for is the 66, which is the Express or the 90. Both take you to PDI and outside the Yumbo (///survey.restarts.leaped)for €3.50 (cash/card/contactless) and Cita, and take around 30 to 40 minutes. The company is gua gua global, so a quick search and you’ll find their website and timetable. Alternatively download the app GuaguasGLOBAL, which gives you the bud numbers/route and link to timetable. You can also use Rome2Rio, which is also a useful site/app. The bus stop to return to the airport is located at ///opened.premixed.positions

Just to add, Taxis are very cheap to get around PDI and usually a €3-€4 ride will get you from A to B within the area. Although there are ranks scattered around most of the commercial centres and often driving around to flag down, there is an app called PideTaxi that is worth downloading. This is like an Uber experience.

For the more daring, then another option to get around are the electric scooters around PDI. You will need to download the app “Superpedestrian” and register your phone, card and details. There are a number of designated parking bays around PDI to drop off the scooter. It’s a case of using the app to locate these areas and see how many scooters are available. Then scan the QR to activate use of the scooter. The lever will turn white. Then kick the stand. One foot on the scooter and the other on the floor to push will get the motor started. You then use the lever to speed up (or slow down). Plus two brakes for the front and back wheels to gently squeeze. Once you’ve finished your ride, park it in a designated area. End the ride in the app and take a photo of its location. This will change the lever back to red and summarise the cost.

The app will show you each scooter, how much battery (in minutes to ride) and the cost. The cost is €1, then €0.25 per minute.

These scooters have to be ridden on the road not pavement, so please be very careful.


Places to Eat/Drink


Before going into any detail, and continuing the app theme, there is a “JustEat/Deliveroo/UberEats” app called Glovo, which will get food delivered to your door.

There are many great places to eat, drink and party and below we offer some starting points for you to consider.

On the ground floor plaza of the Yumbo, The China Town buffet (///seasoned.wowing.ballooning) is fantastic value for money and do a fantastic sangria/champagne sangria. Really friendly staff. It isn’t the cheapest, currently around €12.50 compared to some that are €9.50, but for us that little more investment in China Town is worthwhile. They have smaller Bain Maries so the make smaller portions & are quite very busy. This means that the food is turned over constantly, regularly replaced so is always fresh, compared to some places that are open all day and all night.

There’s also a Burger King (///karaoke.reactions.sari) on the plaza for those who prefer something fast and familiar (or McDonalds on the PDI beach front ///master.fullest.downside). Near to BK is Fiction and Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras (///fanlike.lacework.amble) is a regular place for us. Drinks are cheap and decent, a large beer is €3 but they do a happy hour. Cocktails 2 for €8/€10. Also good for a breakfast.

On the first floor in the Yumbo is the English Bakery (///sprayers.disturbed.synthetic) who make great homemade chips but for us the winner was the delicious desserts and scones with jam/clotted cream).

The Yumbo Centre being the hub for the gay community, of course there are a lot of gay clubs and cabarets such as Ricky's and Sparkles that you can enjoy the drag queen shows. If you are a straight man, then the cruising clubs are not for you and you may want to give them a miss. They have Pride at the beginning of May and Winter Pride at the beginning of November, so bear in mind it will get busy and more flamboyant during these times.

Slightly north of pdi centre, near CC Ronda, there’s a fantastic eat all you want Chinese called Asia House (///error.ineptly.prequel). It’s about €14. The main difference is it’s not served buffet style but rather made to order. We would recommend, as others have recommended us.

A more expensive Chinese towards the Nilo, is Miss Asia (///effaced.controller.rich). We haven’t visited but the locals who recommended Asia House, also recommended here. This again is situated outside the main area of PDI on a street called Calle Partera Leonorita, in an area called San Fernando. This area is where a lot of locals eat and can be cheaper than the main parts of PDI where costs/footfall is much higher. This road has a number of good places to eat and a couple of restaurants for tapas on this street worth trying are Ibericos J. Cruz (///lining.sternest.commutes), which is next door to Miss Asia and La Tapita Los Jose’s (///snack.splurge.overheard)

Continuing Tapas, not far from Gran Chaparral is Tango Tapas (///tuneless.elevator.vents). They make fantastic sangria and amazing tapas in a great surrounding. The owner is a really friendly gent who welcomes you to his restaurant.

Near The Kasbah Centre there is a Brasilian club, if you fancy some salsa and dancing and close by is Little Brasil (///gratuitous.cribbing.underground) for a churrascaria rodizio (eat as much meat) experience. Also in the Kasbah is the Irish Tavern (///castaway.bloom.fermented) that is busy, happy hour every hour and a karaoke. There’s also the Chinawhite and Pacha nightclubs. Sultan Kebab make an excellent Dürum Kebab (There are a few of these around PDI):
• Near Yumbo: ///sulkily.hacksaw.boils
• Near Kasbah: ///global.bookie.ferried
• San Fernando: ///ingested.pinewood.soapy

Other places to eat that we would recommend are Marco Polo (///scuttles.dose.staining) in the Cita Center. The €21 fillet steak is to die for. Carlos V (///remand.sparrow.bout) next door isn’t bad for a steak also with 3 courses for €14. Cheap and cheerful.

Downstairs on the ground floor is Mac’s Tea Room(///delirious.husband.wetsuits), which is worth visiting in the day. They have a great range of cakes and pastries, and have different pies on a weekly basis depending on what their supplier makes the previous week. Can be tricky to find, so the quickest way is to be on Av de Alemania side and to the right of the leaning tower of Pisa is a small road. There are signs here, but walk down this road and there’s an entrance to the left. The first place is the animal charity shop and it is next door.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bite to eat after leaving the Cita, there is a takeaway called Pepe Chiringo (///violas.abbreviated.veggie) on the outside (Av de Francia/Eiffel Tower side), so if you’re a skinful, kebab on the way home type of person, Chiringos is a go to.

Subjective for May 2022:
• Breakfast: Mardi Gras (Yumbo) ///fanlike.lacework.amble
• Chinese Buffet: China Town (Yumbo) ///seasoned.wowing.ballooning
• Sunday Roast: Buddies (Yumbo) ///eeriness.noise.unarmed
• Sunday Roast whilst watching the Football: Red Cow (Near Yumbo) ///armrest.routine.lagers
• Pie and Chips: Mac’s Tearoom (Cita - Daytime) ///delirious.husband.wetsuits
• Steak: Marco Polo (Cita) ///scuttles.dose.staining
• 3 course with steak for sub €15: Carlos V (Cita) ///remand.sparrow.bout
• Tapas: Tango Tapas (Near Gran Chaparral) ///tuneless.elevator.vents
• Beer Soaking Kebab (Mixed Durum): Sultan Kebap (Kasbah) ///global.bookie.ferried
• Greek: Mr Greek ///publish.rubble.bedtimes
• Mexican: El Chacho (Yumbo) ///yelps.marines.tantamount

Being spoilt with amazing Indian/Bengali restaurants in Brum, we haven’t had any Indian food to our liking in PDI. We have yet to try Gorkha Palace (///overthrown.exerting.torchlight), but many have reviewed this, including local friends, to be the best or one of the best places to eat.


Sex Shops


When you go into the Cita (Av. de Alemania side - Eiffel Tower, W3W: ///profiled.blank.fibbing), walk past La Perla Negra on your right and you’ll see the stairs to go up and the stairs to go down to the basement. Don’t go up or down, walk straight ahead and right in front of you is the Erotic Love Shop and Glamour Boutique.

Once facing this shop, if you turn right and walk straight ahead, in front of you is Scandals.

So two shops in sight of each other. If you walk towards Scandals, then turn right at the side of the perfume shop and straight ahead, you’ll see Mac’s Tearoom, which is great for afternoon tea and cake, or a pie or pastry.

Makes for something to do during the day.

The sex shop at the Yumbo is on the perimeter in the corner. Using what3words, the location is ///mashed.lexicon.grabbed

In terms of cost, Erotic Love Shop and Glamour Boutique offer the best VFM.




We’ve found the Google Maps app an excellent way to get around PDI, more so than Apple’s Maps app, as there’s further links and information around restaurants and hotels, more so than Apple Maps. It’s also good for the bus service and clicking on the bus stop icons will give you information about the bus number and times.

In addition, there’s an app called What3words that will give you a precise location by giving a unique combination of three words for every 3 metres square.

Below, I’ve provided the roughy W3W for the swinging venues. With the exception of the Cita, I’ve just given the easiest location to access the clubs (directions are included in the review).

CITA CENTER (Av. de Alamania - Main club side entrance - ///bitterly.constituted.biodiversity)
• Comeback Bar
• Before SMP
• Black Bulldog
• Secret
• Fun4All
• Klamotte
• Temptation
• Lux
• Hot Scandal Sex Cinema
CITA (Av. de Francia - South side entrance - ///balancing.pineapples.curates)
• Lemur
• Tantra

SANDIA (2x2 side entrance - ///imparting.sponging.cloud)
• Sweet Moments - ///uniformity.bulked.foil
• 2x2 - ///usages.forsake.works
• 2x2 Meeting Point - ///diversify.misread.fabric

YUMBO CENTRUM (Main entrance - ///tells.lookers.originals)
• Studio 69 - ///envelope.diddled.spilt
• La Suite - ///gracing.chessboard.walkouts

NILO CENTER (Club side entrance - ///marshmallow.courses.overlook)
• Eden - ///consulates.voter.cubic
• Moonlight Dream - ///relational.defies.reports

MASPALOMAS BEACH (Hotel Riu Palace entrance - ///glossies.sung.relight)
• Kiosk 6 - ///inflict.outcasts.lingers


Currency and Exchange


First we would always recommend having some local cash at hand, and have a couple of methods of payment. Having just one can be risky.

Euros is the currency used in Gran Canaria and the main piece of advice to give when using your card for payment is to pay in the local currency (Euros/EUR, and not Pounds/GBP as if you choose pounds, the overseas/bank store will do the conversion and rates can be not in your favour. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) for further reading. So ALWAYS choose Euros, even if they show you a screen on the card machine to lock in a rate.

We have a Santander bank account and withdraw cash (with the 123 current account debit card) from their ATMs that are scattered around PDI, namely the Yumbo Centre (///chorizo.yelled.joyfully). Again ensuring to pay in local currency (be careful as they use green/red colours yes/no which can cause confusion to pay in Euros). We were getting a rate of 1.18 with no commission when taking out the wall (€300 deducted £253.54 on both occasions).

When I took out €40 from a machine (next to HiperDino near Sandia) that charges €5, I was charged £38 for the €45 reduction at a rate of 1.18 plus a Cash Withdrawal Handling Charge of 2.95% which amounted to £1.12. So the true cost of having €40 in cash came to £39.12 which makes the exchange rate 1.02.

Paying transactions with the card (in Euros) was giving the same rate of 1.18. However, there was an associated foreign currency conversion charge which took the rate down to 1.15 when taking this charge into account.

Prepaid Currency Cards/Money Transfer:
Always worth doing some homework to see what is best to use. Essentially, these days, a number of these companies offer a virtual/digital card for your phone/watch and/or a physical card.

Whilst prepaid have allowed you to load up a card, a number of companies now allow you to hold money in multiple currencies and then allow you to convert your Pounds to Euros when the exchange rate is favourable with no commission.

Revolut is a very popular one of late, but below is a list of a few to get you started:
• Revolut
• FairFX
• Monzo
• Starling Bank
• Caxton
• Tide
• Wise


Useful Apps


Below is a list of useful apps that can be used to book your vacation and then to use whilst on holiday:


• Ryanair
• Jet2
• eDreams
• Skyscanner
• Trip


• Booking
• Trivago
• Hotels
• Agoda
• Airbnb
• Vrbo


• Jet2holidays
• Tui
• First Choice
• On the Beach
• Expedia

Of course, these apps can crossover and offer both flights and accommodation.


• GoogleMaps
• What3words (switch map settings to Google from Apple for better satellite quality)
• PideTaxi (app for booking taxis)
• Superpedestrian (app for electric scooters)
• GuaguasGLOBAL (Bus Route with link to timetable)
• Rome2rio (app with bus timetables)


• Glovo (all for ordering food to deliver)
• TripAdvisor (reviews on local bars, restaurants and accommodation)


Both of these apps enable you to translate and also use voice to convert from one language to another. And also use the camera to translate the language.
• GoogleTranslate
• Translate


• Xe


• Flightradar24 (Track Flight Departures/Arrivals)
• FlightConnections (Route Maps)


Duty Free Allowance



How much you can bring depends on the type of alcohol. You can bring in:
• beer - 42 litres
• wine (still) - 18 litres
You can also bring in either:
• spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol - 4 litres
• sparkling wine, fortified wine (for example port, sherry) and other alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol (not including beer or still wine) - 9 litres

You can split this last allowance, for example you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance).

In terms of Duty Free: Currently (June 22) Grey Goose in Birmingham airport is £35 for a litre compared to €45 (£38) in PDI, but other spirits are very cheap in Gran Canaria. Whilst Las Palmas Airport has the odd offer worth taking advantage of. Alcohol in the shops is a reasonable price to take advantage of. And the local Honey Rum is one to bring back as a holiday memory. Pacific in the Yumbo Centre have a decent collection and a shop we’ve been happy to do business with. Equally Baba Bazar (///riverboat.homelands.fezzes) in the Kasbah was a good experience too.


You can bring in one from the following:
• 200 cigarettes
• 100 cigarillos
• 50 cigars
• 250g tobacco
• 200 sticks of tobacco for electronic heated tobacco devices

You can split this allowance - so you could bring in 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars (both half of your allowance).

In terms of Duty Free. Always check around but we have found that as of June 22, the prices of cigarettes/tobacco are comparable, if not cheaper at the airport rather than local shops.

The best local shops we have found is Foto Club near Gran Chaparral (///longish.digs.fantastical) and Baba Bazar (///riverboat.homelands.fezzes) in the Kasbah. But always do your homework.

AVOID: Top Shop Electronics (Yumbo) Whilst we are positive about all our reviews, and don’t mention any we don’t enjoy, we do have to recommend not dealing with this business. They tried it with me many years ago which I quickly cottoned on to. Unfortunately, they are still doing their tricks this year and my friend wasn’t as fortunate. Bamboozling them with prices in pounds, focusing on bad sales tactics stating how much cheaper it is than the UK (we know hence buying abroad) and discounting to the point where you feel you’ve got a bargain. They are more expensive than the other shops. My friend is also not convinced with the quality of the tobacco, as it’s likely to be stock bought pre-pandemic and getting quite dry, so just be careful of absolute bargains. Not just here but anywhere.




I was going to leave this out but as it’s still apparent, I thought best to add some content. Hopefully the next one will no longer have this section.

On the 6th April, the rules changed for fully vaccinated travellers to enter Spain. No longer is there a requirement to fill the Spanish Travel Health Form. Fully vaccinated means that you are one of the following:
• Fully vaccinated and had your booster (3rd jab).
• 14 days have passed since you had your final vaccination (the 2nd jab) so you are fully vaccinated, but within 270 days prior to travel.
• Recovered from Covid within the last 6 months with proof of recovery prior to travel.

Your proof of vaccination (including proof of recovery) will be from your digital covid certificate (DCC) available from the NHS App (not the NHS Covid App, which you use to upload your results). Every time you log in, this QR code is usually refreshed for a month ahead, though mine is now showing November.

You can test the validity of this by going to the Spanish Travel Health website. On here you will enter your date of travel, where you’re travelling from and then to upload your QR code (you may have to zoom in and enlarged your QR code and take a screenshot if it doesn’t read it in properly). But it will either say your code is valid for travel (and if travelling on the three above accepted options) which all you need is you code, or it’ll say it is invalid and you’ll have to read on.

On 21st May, Spain updated their travel rules and restrictions to allow non-vaccinated tourists to travel to the country (including the Canaries).

You will be required to take a test, which you will have to purchase from an external private company such as Randox (the NHS supplied antigen tests will not suffice).

So for non-vaccinated, you will need:
• Proof of recovery from Covid in the last 6 months.
• A negative PCR Test taken within 72 hours of departure.
• A negative Antigen Test taken with 24 hours prior to departure.

If you have recovered, you do not need to fill the Spanish Travel Health Form (can be down on the SpTH app).

If you are using a PCR or Antigen test, you will still need to fill the Travel Health Form.

Nothing Passenger Locator Form or Test is required to enter back in the UK at the time of writing.

On the 20th April, the rules were dropped for wearing masks in public places. There is still a requirement to wear:
• On Public Transport
• In Pharmacies
• In Hospitals

Although you don’t need to wear them at the airport, you may need to wear them on the plane and can check with your airline. Nevertheless, we would always recommend taking some with you and having them accessible to wear. Pretty much use your common sense to wear people are using them.


I hope the above provides some good information for people planning to visit Playa del Inglés and Gran Canaria.

Don’t be surprised if a couple of more venues pop up later in the year. ;-)

As many of you will know, we are “Social Butterflies with Dirty Wings”, so please feel free to drop us a line for any advice/recommendations.

And if you see us post that we’re in PDI, we usually do a Friday night 8 ‘til late Cita Challenge, which is essentially a swinging pub crawl around all the open venues within the Cita. It’s hard graft but great to see all the places available in one night.

Finally, this hasn’t been fully proof read so apologies in advance for any errors, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and any brevities where a bit more meat around the bones could have been added.